Our Story

The main intention of this competition is to design and fabricate a formula vehicle which runs on electric power bound to some specific rules and regulations

We love what we do.

Our motivation to work even harder.

Each student in our team specializes in their own tasks. In addition to their regular university schedule, students learn and gain experience with their time in our team.

Our Specialties

We ,from PSG iTech ,believe in innovating by learning from our past experience. By involving ourselves in such events , we intend on achieving the following:


To contribute to the sustainable development of the entire nation and the rest of the world by developing next gen vehicles.


To involve the best , energetic minds in the project , who are highly interested in the fabrication and designing of the vehicles.


To create wide oppurtunities for both innovative young minds and Corporate Companies to take part of our team.

Way back when

We decided to move

forward with building

To have pride in each other work and accept personal responsibility, whilst also responding to tasks with a sense of urgency.

Career Opportunities

To provide an environment where each member can develop their skills and increase their lateral thinking thereby building a social foundation for their future careers.